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Real pork producers pay for their feed

A difference between the real Minnesota Pork Producers and the Minnesota Congressional District members of the U.S. House of Representatives is that the real Minnesota pork producers pay for their pig feed with their own hard earned money and some of our members of Congress pay for their pet pork projects with your tax money and borrowed money. The following figures from the Citizen's Against Government Waste (America's #1 Taxpayer Watchdog) 2010 "Pig Book" illustrate the differential gravity of the situation.

n CD 1 Tim Walz (DFL) - 13 earmarks worth $9.7 million

n CD 2 John Kline (R) - None

n CD 3 Erik Paulsen (R) - 9 earmarks worth $7.5 million

n CD 4 Betty McCollum (DFL) - 14 earmarks worth $8.6 million

n CD 5 Keith Ellison (DFL) - 13 earmarks worth $9.7million

n CD 6 Michele Bachmann (R) - None

n CD 7 Collin Peterson (DFL) - 10 earmarks worth $13.7 million

n CD 8 Jim Oberstar (DFL) - 22 earmarks worth over $18.5 million

It is obvious that our Representative Jim Oberstar has the greatest disregard for your taxes and money the United States must borrow from China, Japan etc. to stay afloat. And 2010 still has eight months to go! Remember in November.

Chuck Fuller

Park Rapids