The North Dakota’s Leopold Conservation Award’s deadline has been extended through May 13, allowing the public more time to apply.

The Leopold Conservation Award is given to private landowners that show diligence in the land and its conservation, going above and beyond to uphold its integrity. Individuals who receive this award show extraordinary achievement in the area of voluntary conservation. The Leopold Conservation Award is given in 14 states, including North Dakota.

North Dakota's Leopold Conservation Award winner will receive $10,000 presented with the North Dakota Grazing Lands Coalition, North Dakota Association of Soil Conservation Districts, the North Dakota Stockmen’s Association and the American Farmland Trusts.

The award is in honor and named after Aldo Leopold, who was a renowned conservationist. Leopold wrote the book titled “A Sand County Almanac,” in 1949. Through this work Leopold gave a call to action for an ethical relationship between those who own the land and the land they own and manage.

Those who go to win this accolade, are landowners that inspire others in their effort and dedication to not only the land, but water and wildlife habitat management on their private land as well.

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Dockter-Jensen Ranch of Denhoff in Sheridan County were the 2020 award winners of the Leopold Conservation award. The Dockter-Jensen family ranch utilizes a rotational grazing system. Due to this grazing system, diversity of native grasses is encouraged and it also allows their cattle herd’s grazing season to extend into later months.

If you would like more information on how to apply for the Leopold Conservation Award, please visit: