Calves need self care too. Or at least that’s what one TikToker thinks.

Leanna Thomas showcased her calf’s spa day for the online world to see, and with over 15 million views and 2 million likes, you could say people are loving the pampering that is taking place.

One user wrote, “Fresh hooves, new hairdo, moisturized teets! Looking pretty fab!”

The little calf received her special treatment all while listening too, “Man! I Feel Like a Woman!,” by Shania Twain, a well-chosen song for the occasion, if you ask me.

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Rancher of tomorrow

The future of agriculture is bright! And this TikTok proves it.

Posted by thedad on TikTok, a young boy loads up his battery powered gator for a long day on the ranch. With his pup in the back and bottle in tow, the grit-filled tike heads off to complete the day’s chores.

Users loved this video, one writing, “If you ain’t smiling while watching this, there’s no hope for ya,” and another stating, “My sincere compliments to all! This is how it all starts. A faith born not of words but of Deeds! GOD BLESS.”

Hitting her stride

One particular Scottish Highland is stealing the show with her sauntering strides towards the camera.

Posted by yellowcheese1, this Highland calf, known as Abby, has garnered over 4 million likes by simply prancing towards the camera while “Break my Stride,” plays in the background.

One user commented, “OMG! She is sooo flipping cute! It’s that strut,” along with a chorus of similar comments in the comment section. I guess it pays to be cute!

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