The Sunflower Production Guide, aka the "Sunflower Bible," has been updated by North Dakota State University Extension and now is available to sunflower farmers and others.

First published in 1975, the guide's new version — edited and compiled by Hans Kandel, Greg Endres and Ryan Buetow, all with NDSU— is 178 pages long and has multiple photos of the major insects and diseases that affect sunflowers. Specific guidelines and recommendations on production practices and pest management are provided, too.

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North Dakota and South dominate U.S. sunflower production, with the two routinely swapping places as the nation's top producer. North Dakota led the nation in 2020. Though geared primarily to the Northern Great Plains, the guide can be helpful to farmers in other areas that produce sunflowers, according to information from the Mandan, N.D.,-based National Sunflower Association, or NSA

The inaugural 1975 edition was followed by updated versions in 1978, 1985, 1994 and most recently in 2007, according to the NSA. As is the case with many other crops, there have been substantial changes in the past 14 years in how sunflowers are produced and in the pests that threaten them.

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The NSA will provide one free print copy of the new guide to sunflower farmers. To receive it, email info@sunflower.nsa.

The guide also can be ordered online at for a $15 fee.