GRAND FORKS, N.D. — Resource Auction and The Farm Agency, two Grand Forks-based businesses, have decided to band together to give their customers the ultimate auction experience.

Denis Biliske is the founder and owner of Resource Auction. Biliske started his career as an auctioneer in 1985 and has been involved in thousands of auctions all over the world. His company focuses on agricultural, construction and commercial equipment.

“Equipment has always been my main area, but once upon a time we had a real estate farm business, and I had a partner in that. But, he decided to retire, and I just stayed the course with the equipment auctions, but always wanted to get back into the land business. I wanted to find the right fit for our business for the land side of things and just happened to find The Farm Agency and thought ‘that looks like a fit to me,’” Biliske said.

The Farm Agency is a real estate brokerage that specializes in farmland sales and management. It was founded in 2018. The Farm Agency is owned by David and Annie Gorder, both playing vital roles in the business’s success. David is a farmland broker and auctioneer, while Annie is a licensed real estate broker. The two were excited to join forces with Resource Auction.

“Dennis and the rest of the team at Resource Auction have offered premier equipment auction services in our region for many years. We are thrilled to be able to put our services under one roof and give our clients comprehensive solutions for their assets,” the Gorders said in a statement.

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Biliske is also pleased with the new found partnership with The Farm Agency.

“My knowledge of land has been at a fast idle since my partner retired. This relationship gives us the opportunity to get back into the land business and surround our already eager sales group with additional young business people that will complement each other all around. I can’t think of a better way to offer the best possible support to our valued sellers by continuing what I set out to do decades ago,” Biliske said.

The two businesses plan on expanding by opening a shared office in Cavalier, N.D., this spring.