The U.S. Wheat Associates' new film, “Wholesome: The Journey of U.S. Wheat,” shows "how the people in the export supply system maintain the wholesome, reliable character of U.S. wheat, " according to promotional material.

The 25-minute movie debuted Jan. 12 on U.S. Wheat Associates' Facebook page.

U.S. Wheat promotes U.S. wheat exports around the world. America isn't the world's cheapest source of wheat, so the U.S. wheat industry stresses the quality and reliability of its product to potential customers.

According to U.S. Wheat Associates:

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The film was produced in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Foreign Agricultural Service and Federal Grain Inspection Service, state wheat commissions, local elevators and export elevators. It will be available to 13 overseas USW offices for use at seminars, courses and trade events and serve as the foundation of new messages informing world wheat buyers and users about U.S. wheat export quality throughout 2021.

USW also will produce individual short subject programs covering chapters featured in the film. Each of these programs will be available later this year for viewing on the USW website and on the organization’s Vimeo page.

“Through this film, the people at every step of the journey to export tell their own stories about how they thoughtfully produce new varieties, care for the land and the crop, and handle the wheat responsively to ensure it meets customer needs. This is an educational program that makes the stunning beauty of the land and the emotional attachment of these dependable people to the industry a key part of the story," U.S. Wheat Associates Vice President of Communications Steve Mercer said in a written statement.