Harvest Profit, a cost and profit tracking software for farmers, moved recently off the North Dakota State University campus and into a West Fargo office, says Nick Horob, CEO and founder of the company.

Horob says the new digs allow more space and privacy for his team to work. In addition to Horob, Harvest Profit employs three software developers and two people in customer success roles, along with several consultants.

When he was growing up, both sides of Horob's family farmed in northwestern North Dakota. But he didn't consider himself an asset to the operations. He says his first distinct memory in agriculture was hitting a tree and damaging a tractor, leading to him getting a talking to from his uncle.

"I was actually just a pain in the butt around the farm," he says.

Now his focus is on making farms more efficient and more financially viable. Harvest Profit focuses on giving farmers better visibility into their financials, including what crops are making money, what fields are making money, what the costs of production are and more. Since the average farm has three years of financial transactions that go into one crop year, keeping track of financial data can be difficult.

"We're trying to make it easier for them to treat the farm like the manufacturing business it is," Horob says.

To get the word out about their services, Harvest Profit focuses on content marketing. Horob sends out an email newsletter a couple times a week to his growing email list, and he tries to offer more information about more than just Harvest Profit. It might include tips and tricks for farmers, market outlooks or more. Even though spreadsheets could be considered a direct competitor for Harvest Profit, Horob recently did an online course in "spreadsheets for farmers" as a way to try to put more information in his customers' - and potential customers' - hands.

Along with the email newsletter, Harvest Profit also has a podcast focused on how farmers can put more profitable systems in place on their operations.

"We're all about helping as many people as we can," Horob says.

Horob says anyone interested in a free trial of Harvest Profit can visit https://www.harvestprofit.com. And anyone interested in learning more about Harvest Profit can email Horob at nick@harvestprofit.com.

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