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New Rockford farmer seeks help finding person who shot, skinned calf

NEW ROCKFORD, N.D. — A cattle farmer in New Rockford is offering $500 to anyone who can help him find the person or people killed one of his calves.

Tim Indergaard posted a picture on Facebook Saturday, Nov. 16, saying a calf of his was shot and skinned out in the pasture. He is asking for help identifying the person responsible.

"Coyotes did clean up (the) carcass but coyotes don't kill a five hundred pound calf, skin it and drive away," Indergaard said in the post, noting that there were vehicle tracks right next to the remains.

He also added that there are no roads to the side of the pasture where the calf's remains were found, so the vehicle would have crossed a stubble field to reach the area.

He is offering money as a reward, saying it has been a hard enough year for farmers.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Eddy County Sheriff's Office at 701-947-5515.

New Rockford is about 55 miles north of Jamestown.