May is Beef Month, and across the country, state beef councils will leverage beef checkoff dollars to promote beef to consumers through fun educational events and campaigns.

The Minnesota Beef Council kicked off the month by introducing the "Beef Strong" workout. In collaboration with Lindsey Bomgren, a full-time fitness instructor at Nourish Move Love in the Twin Cities, the 30-minute workout was designed to imitate the physical movements farmers and ranchers do each day, including the hay bale throw and farmer's carry, just to name a few.

"I have so much respect for farmers and the work they put in daily to put food on the table," said Bomgren, who is also a popular influencer on social media with thousands of followers who tune in each day to learn about food, fitness and nutrition. "They're up every day, rain or shine, to care for land and livestock. That consistency and strength is what inspired this Beef Strong workout!"

In the workout video, Bomgren is joined by Becky Church, Minnesota Beef Council communications director, and Jared Lehman, a Red Angus farmer from Goodhue, Minn.

"Developing relationships with influencers like Bomgren is very beneficial when it comes to building consumer trust of a product," said Church. "Being that we are in the Twin Cities, we have the unique opportunity to reach a dense population of our target demographic. I was specifically searching for an influencer who fit our target audience of the millennial mom who is typically concerned about nutrition and makes the majority of the grocery shopping decisions. With that, our national campaign right now is 'Beef for Strength,' so I wanted to find a fitness-related outlet, as well , in order to showcase beef for healthy bodies and everyday energy."

This isn't the first time the Minnesota Beef Council has connected with fitness influencers. In a promotional video found on the organization's Facebook page, Rachel Marthaler, a fitness influencer and mom of four, is featured working out and grilling beef with her husband Jake on their small family farm in Hastings, Minn.

"Beef has been a huge part in my fitness and 50 pound weight loss journey," said Marthaler, who grew up on a Limousin cattle ranch near Morris, Minn. "When my muscles breakdown during a workout, the protein packed in beef is the perfect way to fuel back up. As a mom of four and a business owner, my days are busy, and beef keeps me full and prevents my energy from dropping. Beef is also the perfect family-friendly option for us. I never have to beg the kids to eat their meat when beef is on the table. Food is fuel for our family, and not a day goes by that doesn't have been in it for us."

With strong advocates like the Marthalers, the Minnesota Beef Council has been able to connect with key influencers to highlight beef as part of a healthy diet for busy and active families.

"In addition to the workout, we also created a full 7-Day Beef Meal Plan video which showcases easy family-friendly, healthy recipes and kitchen hacks in order to take the stress out of dinner time and show moms that eating beef doesn't need to be complicated," added Church. "I've found that many consumers are intimidated by beef, so often fall into the same recipe rut out of fear that using different cuts will be more difficult or more time consuming. We prove that this is not the case, as all of the featured recipes from Beef. It's What's For Dinner. take under 30 minutes to prepare. The meal plan rollout also includes extra tips to save time in the kitchen and 'toddler tips' for making meals more palatable for the kiddos. Additionally, we included a grocery list and guide to make the meal prepping process a breeze!"

The 7-Day Meal Plan and Beef Strong workout videos can be viewed at

As May Beef Month gets underway, folks can catch the Minnesota Beef Council in action at Twin Cities Burger Battle on May 18 and on KSTP Twin Cities Live on May 22, just to name a few.