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Morning beauty (Carol Reilly)

The beauty of agriculture in all seasons

Few will argue that agriculture can be beautiful.

Even on the hardest day, there is beauty in the stunning views, the captivating sunrises and sunsets, the way the sun glints off the crops in the field.

Readers sent in photos for Agweek's end-of-2018 photo contest that showed the true glory in a rural landscape, no matter the time of year or the work being done.

Taken near Reeder, N.D., on a cold morning as the horses were acting fresh from the recent cold front. (Becca Oase)

People food (potatoes) grown alongside livestock food (hay). (Carol Reilly)

The sky lit up over the Harms' family's fourth-generation farm in Otis, Colo. (Haley Harms)Photo of calf taken in early fall 2018 as it looked to be saving a little feed for later. (Becca Oase)