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A sustainable take on the farm bill

If you're interested in details of the newly approved farm bill — the centerpiece of U.S. food and ag policy, updated every five years — here's a link to the full 807-page document:

If your holiday plans don't include such a big commitment and you're conservation-minded, the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition offers a six-part blog analysis of the farm bill. The six topics covered are commodity programs and crop insurance, research and plant breeding, conservation, organic agriculture, beginning and socially disadvantaged farmers, and local/regional food systems, rural development.

The six blogs can be read at

In general, the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition is pleased with the farm bill.

"Family farmers and sustainable food and farm advocates fought hard for this farm bill, and while there are certainly some provisions with which we are disappointed, we are overall glad to see the bill moving forward and to the president's desk," Juli Obudzinski, NSAC interim policy director, said in a written statement.