SIDNEY, Mont.-The second annual MonDak Ag Research Summit will be held Nov. 14 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Mountain Time at the Richland County Event Center in Sidney.

The event is a collaboration of North Dakota State University Williston Research Extension Center, Montana State University Eastern Agricultural Research Center, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Northern Plains Agricultural Research Laboratory in Sidney.

This year's program includes:

• Control of horseweed, narrowleaf hawksbeard, kochia, Russian thistle, with Brian Jenks, NCREC, Minot, N.D.

• Rangeland, aquatic weed control, with John Gaskin, USDA-ARS.

• Biocontrols for weeds, with Natalie West, USDA-ARS,

• Fungus bait for grasshoppers, Mormon crickets, with Stefan Jaronski, USDA-ARS.

• Rhizoctonia root rot and crown rot, effects of tillage, rotation, with Audrey Kalil, WREC.

After a break to view a poster presentation on more than 20 research projects, the morning session resumes with speakers:

• Tillage, irrigation and nitrogen effects on sugar beet yield and sugar content, with Chengci Chen, EARC.

• Tillage vs. no-till effects on corn, soybean, barley and sugar beet yield, and water use efficiency under irrigation, with Bart Stevens, USDA-ARS.

• Economics and soil health and sustainable cropping systems, with Don Tanaka, WREC,

• Dryland pea production and water use affected by tillage, crop rotation and cultural practice, with Upendra Sainju, USDA-ARS.

Afternoon sessions include:

• High tunnel vegetable production, with Kyla Splichal, WREC horticulture specialist.

• Cover crops as replacement for fallow in semi-arid durum production, with Brett Allen, USDA-ARS,

• Pulse variety selection and performance, Yesuf Mohammed, EARC,

• Spring wheat and durum irrigated varieties, Justin Jacobs, WREC.

To pre-register online, go to, or contact Beth Redlin, (406) 433-2020, or email her at