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$16 billion in trade aid announced; county-by-county impact calculated


Report: Organic producers should check out MFP

Most U.S. organic food is grown for domestic consumers, not foreign markets. Even so, American organic producers could be eligible for up to $7.2 million in the federal government's Market Facilitation Program, according to a new report.

The $12 billion MFP, designed to limit the economic damage to U.S. farmers from retaliatory tariffs, will, among other things, make payments directly to farmers based on this year's harvested production.

Based on 2017 production, organic farmers likely will be eligible for $7.2 million in MFP compensation, according to Mercaris, which provides market access and services to the identity-preserved agriculture industry.

"While U.S. organic growers were not necessarily the targets of tariffs, as there are few exports, there might be a benefit to growers who tap into this newly announced program," Kellee James, co-founder and CEO Mercaris, said in a written statement.

Eligible organic producers could receive an average of $4,000 each in compensation, according to the Mercaris report.

"The actual amount any one producer will receive will of course be dependent on what crops they produced this year. However, given the potential benefit of this program it certainly appears worth looking into if you are an organic producer," according to the report.

MFP is administered by the Farm Service Agency, an arm of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

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