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Ag Tech Minute: Anchor Ingredients

In this week's Ag Tech Minute, we'll see how a local supplier of premium ingredients is using tech to expand its markets and ensure safety and quality.

Al Yablonski: Anchor Ingredients is a super premium ingredient company, processing ingredients for the food, pet food, and the feed markets, domestically and abroad. Technology is core in absolutely everything that we do at Anchor Ingredients.

When we look at differentiating ourselves from our competition, we know that technology has to be key in what we're doing. What our customers need is better visibility into that supply chain.

We're in active development to roll out the industry's first scalable tracibility solution, to give our customers access and visibility into the supply chain of where their ingredients come from, how they were processed, and by whom they were touched. In order for us to stay ahead, we have to make life easier for our customers. We have to offer a stronger and better value proposition, and one of the key foundations for us to be able to do that is by implementing technology.