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More than 2,300 people attended Agriculture Adventure Day at the Red River Zoo in Fargo, N.D., in 2017. (Submitted photo)

Celebrate Agriculture Adventure Day at the Red River Zoo

The Red River Zoo is highlighting modern agriculture with the grand opening of a new exhibit at 10:30 a.m. during Agriculture Adventure Day on July 14. This exhibit, sponsored by the North Dakota Corn Council and North Dakota Soybean Council, in partnership with North Dakota State University Extension Soil Health and the Red River Zoo, is an interactive, educational space highlighting conservation, crop production, precision agriculture, end-use products, fuels, and exports.

Some highlights — there will be a five-level soil climber where kids can feel like a worm exploring different soil layers, a combine cab where their parents can get pictures of their kids harvesting crops, ethanol and biodiesel pumps where kids can fill up a car or a pickup, flip panels on food and industrial product production from crops and a Plinko game to learn about where our crops go after harvest. There are also tables for toddlers to play with tractors and plenty of information throughout the exhibit for adults to learn about agriculture too.

One of my favorite spaces in the exhibit is a replication of a farmers shop. This area provides space for activities, highlights the importance of family legacy on the farm and also shows different careers in agriculture through tools used on the job. Some of these tools are a set of pliers for a farmer, a microscope for a researcher, a drone for an agronomist, a computer for a consultant or my tool choice, a spade for Extension. Sharing different careers in agriculture through this exhibit is one way to inspire kids to start down the path of a career in agriculture.

This permanent exhibit will be open year-round and will reach the more than 150,000 urban and rural families and tourists who visit the zoo annually.

After the grand opening of the new exhibit, you can enjoy a full day (10 a.m. — 5 p.m.) of ag-related activities for hands-on learning, music and Penny and Pals kids entertainment.

Our sponsors are providing a free lunch from BBQ Boot Camp and Midwest Dairy. What could be better than getting lunch from the BBQ Boot Camp trailer that reads "Know Agriculture. Know Food." and being served an ice cream sandwich by the Dairy Princess?

Last year, we had more than 2,300 people come to Agriculture Adventure Day. It was a unique opportunity to share what we do with others!

Join us for the opening of the new exhibit and a day of education on July 14 at the Red River Zoo. Plus kids get in free!

More information on the Agriculture Adventure Day is available on the Red River Zoo webpage ( or the zoo Facebook page ( Check out all our sponsors for the event, including the North Dakota Corn Council, North Dakota Soybean Council and North Dakota Wheat Commission, along with many other organizations that are partnering to host this agricultural event.