FARGO, N.D. - Flags on farms: When you're looking for them, it seems like they are everywhere.

Patriotism and rural life often seem linked. National pride and celebration transcend politics and is something that this region can share within communities.

This spring, we're asking Agweek readers and viewers to let us know if there is a particularly moving display of the flag in a farming or agribusiness setting that is meaningful to you. Do you or a neighbor display the flag in a special way that helps make your locale distinct?

Take a high-resolution photo of it and send it to us. Make a short video and send it in. Perhaps there is a special story about when and how the display was established.

We're planning a magazine cover story on July 2 that will include some of these photos, as well as interviews with some of the subjects. Some submissions also will be used with the AgweekTV episodes on or around Independence Day.

We already have a bit of a start, but we welcome your input.

There are other ways to measure patriotism - citizens who vote, the percentage who engage in military service or the number who volunteer. But we also think simply flying a U.S. flag is a sign of optimism and shows a belief in a country that farmers have a key role in.

For information on the project, please contact Agweek reporter Mikkel Pates, 701-936-0686, or e-mail mpates@agweek.com.