CASSELTON, N.D.-A veterinary hospital in Casselton, N.D. is now the only clinic in the Red River Valley with a CT scanner.

Before the clinics CT imaging system, it had a more traditional x-ray machine. While still useful, it didn't give them as many pictures inside the animal.

"There is a set of lasers that are on here and they come up and it allows us to position the dog in three different planes," said Dr. Laurie Huckle, of Casselton Veterinary Service, Inc.

After about 30 minutes of scanning, the machine slices images down to about 90 nanometers, or roughly one million images per meter.

"We can actually take this and turn it around," Dr. Brad Bartholomay said. "It will help us to diagnose--and more importantly--treat the animals better than what we were able to before."

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With these scans, they can look behind layers of skin and behind bones. They can also be used to find fabrics and other objects your pet might have eaten.

With the CT scanner, veterinarians are already finding irregularities in bones and spines, a detailed view x-rays struggle to see.

"We're excited to help the animals more in our area," said Dr. Bartholomay.

Prior to Casselton, the region's closest CT pet scanner was in the Twin Cities.

"It's exciting for us to be able to offer that here instead of traveling four hours away," said Dr. Huckle.

While they're still figuring out pricing for our area, most websites estimate a typical scan for pets costs about $15,000.