Battle of the Land Grant universities pits Bobcats vs. Bison

Agriculturalists rally behind their team as Montana State University and North Dakota State University go head-to-head in Frisco, Texas.

Dylan Klasna showed his Bobcat pride while completing chores on his ranch in Montana. Photo taken by Whitney Klasna

Montana State University and North Dakota State University will come head to head in Frisco, Texas, on Saturday, Jan. 8, 2021. The Bobcats and the Bison will be battling over the NCAA FCS football championship.

While both being neighboring states and states full of agriculturalists, they also have another thing in common: both are land grant universities. According to the Association of Public and Land Grant Universities, these sort of universities originated in the late 1800s with a mission to teach a variety of topics, such as agriculture, mechanical arts, military tactics and other areas of study so the members of the working class could get a practical education. Klasna Flag MSU

Many current students are studying agriculture at these universities, while many other Montanans and North Dakotans are practicing agriculture with a degree from these universities. And they're letting their colors fly.

This was clear to see in a post by Whitney Klasna , a rancher who resides in Montana. Klasna attended Montana State University and majored in ag education with a focus in extension relations.

Klasna’s allegiance to the Bobcats is a family affair. While out doing chores on the ranch, Klasna’s husband, Dylan Klasna, raised his Bobcat flag high with pride. Fighting against the wind to hold the flag steady, his effort did not go unnoticed by his wife, who snapped a photo and shared it to her Instagram. The agricultural community on Instagram and Twitter loved the photo, making memes of Dylan Klasna and his flag. It even got the attention of Montana State University, which loved the picture so much they posted it on their official Instagram page.


Here’s to hoping the farmers and ranchers in the upper Midwest can find some time to take off their boots and watch the battle of the land grants this Saturday.

Who are you cheering for? If you've got a photo or social media post of how your farm or ranch is cheering on one of the teams, send it to .

Emily grew up on a small grains and goat farm in southern Ohio. After graduating from The Ohio State University, she moved to Fargo, North Dakota to pursue a career in ag journalism with Agweek. She enjoys reporting on livestock and local agricultural businesses.
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