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Heidi Heitkamp

Coal Country Community Health Centers treat addiction in a rural area
July 16, 2018 - 5:30am
Some farmers fret amid trade war, animating ND's Senate race
July 13, 2018 - 4:59pm
Senators brag on the provisions included in its farm bill
July 9, 2018 - 8:00am
'We are in a trade war," ND trade leader says as US, China swap tariffs
July 6, 2018 - 3:38pm
ND agriculture groups look to farm bill amid trade fears
July 5, 2018 - 7:25pm
Ag lawmakers ready for farm bill negotiations
June 28, 2018 - 7:14pm
Trump touts Cramer in Fargo visit and addresses trade, Space Force and Supreme Court
June 27, 2018 - 9:32pm
Senators from the region tout their chamber's new farm bill draft
June 8, 2018 - 2:19pm
Senators seek Congressional oversight on national security-related tariffs
June 8, 2018 - 8:40am
Former ag secretary Vilsack endorses Heitkamp for Senate
June 7, 2018 - 3:08pm
ND ag groups discuss trade at Mexican embassy
June 6, 2018 - 5:03pm
Cramer: Trade moves should avoid creating 'short-term victims'
May 16, 2018 - 1:36pm