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Consorting with the enemy?

PITTSBURGH -- I'm here in downtown Pittsburgh at the annual conference of the Society of Environmental Journalists, which has about 1,500 members nationwide. (I'm not one of them.) I received a fellowship to attend, at least in part because this year's conference has a strong ag component and I'm national vice president of North American Agricultural Journalists, the professional group for U.S and Canadian ag journalists.

Though I just got here, I've already met pleasant, enthusiastic journalists from Washington state and Los Angeles.

Yeah, I know. Some Agweek readers -- who shudder when they hear the words "environmentalism" or "environmentalists" -- will think I'm consorting with the enemy.  (Some others may think I'm hanging with the good guys.) But the way I see it, I'm developing a better, wider perspective that should help me be a better journalist and better serve all our readers. Those are definitely good things.

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