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Tom Borgen and his wife, Stephanie, are managing regional acquisition of cereal grain straw for PacificAg LLC, a Hermiston, Ore.-based company delivering straw to industries such as dairy, mushroom production and road construction. Photo taken June 24 near Georgetown, Minn. (Forum News Service/Agweek/Mikkel Pates)

Corporate straw boss says dance with Mother Nature not easy

Tom Borgen, general manager for PacificAg LLC in the upper Midwest, says his program for processing and marketing wheat straw in the region has been going well although Mother Nature has been stepping on their toes on the dance floor.

“High humidity and a shot of rain every week doesn’t help our cause,” says Borgen, who lives in the Georgetown, Minn., area, with his wife, Stephanie, who is a part-time office manager for the company.

Borgen says his company had contracted about 26,000 acres of straw by Aug. 25, and was using three crews in three different areas. By Monday, most of them will be together, merging into larger groups in the north in the Langdon, N.D., area. “They’ve started harvest Monday and Tuesday,” he says, noting that his company would like to contract another 10,000 acres.  In a story published in Agweek on July 4, 2016, Borgen indicated the goal for the state was 30,000 acres this year.