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AG RIGHT: ‘That’s Why Farmers Use Roundup’

During the holiday weekend, I looked over some North Dakota fields with relatives, including one with limited knowledge of agriculture.

In one of the fields, soybeans were just poking their way through the soil. In a corner of the field, the beans were competing against well-established quack and dandelions. My relative with limited ag knowledge said the beans are at a huge disadvantage.

My father, a retired farmer, and I explained the herbicide Roundup will be applied to the field, blasting the weeds and helping the soybeans, which have been genetically modified to tolerate Roundup.

“Dealing with weeds like this — that’s why farmers use Roundup,” I said.

Using Roundup is easy and convenient, so much so that many farmers have utilized it too often: weeds are developing resistance to it. But that’s another topic for another day.

My point here: Critics say Roundup is risky, even flat-out dangerous, for human health. Decide for yourself if the critics are right or wrong. But whatever you decide, please realize there’s a reason farmers use it.

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