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Care needed in approving hog operation sites

Your article (Law-abiding livestock should be approved, Aug. 28, 2017) was of great interest to many in our area as we are currently embattled with a request for a permit for a hog operation near one of our recreational areas.

I don't totally oppose hog operations (this is not a simple hog farm), but greater consideration as to where these operations are placed, protection for the environment, consideration of community impact must be addressed before the permit is granted. The current proposed hog operation in North Dakota sits on land that drains directly into one of the area's greatest recreational areas. The water aquifers sitting under it drain to the lake, and camping areas close to the area are all of concern.

I also would like to address the higher rate of MRSA, a drug resistant bacteria that employees of this operation would bring into the community. The negative effects of gases/odor from these farms also have been proven to cause a multitude of health problems for individuals living in the area.

Further investigation into the sites where hog operations are established must be examined at a higher level of scrutiny.

Editor's note: Some studies have shown increased rates of MRSA and other health ailments near hog farms, though other studies contradict those findings.