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LETTER: Creation of new government department moves too fast

How long does it take to create a new division of government? Apparently, it takes less than two hours — and about 153 pages.

For those who may not have been reading through each and every bill that's been introduced, let me share with you a little of what I have learned about Senate Bill 2327. It appears as if this bill will take a subsection of the Department of Health and create its own division, namely the Department of Environmental Quality. The bill itself is 153 pages, with approximately 140 pages of new code.

I don't doubt that there are some issues within the vastness of the Department of Health's umbrella. Perhaps a split into a new division is necessary.

Here are a few more questions I have:

The proposed bill has no fiscal note attached, meaning that the sponsors believe that a new subdivision of government can be created with no additional expenditures. Even with a simple transfer of existing personnel, how is there no other expense?

Do we really need another subdivision of government whose board is solely appointed by the governor? The governor selects the head of the department, as well as all sitting board members. That doesn't seem very wise.

What is wrong with the current structure that this change is needed now? And why the rush? I understand that the process took longer than the amount of time spent in committee. And I also understand that there may be a real need. But making these types of changes are worth doing right the first time.

I'm all for streamlining government and increasing efficiencies. But I have yet to see where adding more government accomplishes those types of goals.