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Weather Talk: Even hot northern summers include pleasant weather

One thing about our northern summers is that hot weather only comes in bursts. Even during our region’s hottest summers historically, there have always been long stretches of cool, pleasant weather.

From South Carolina to Florida and then across the southern tier of states to the Desert Southwest, summer days in the 70s are almost unknown. People in these areas expect the temperature to consistently be the 80s and 90s from May through September. And the occasional 100 degree scorcher is to be expected. Orlando, FL, for example, averages 65 days a year of at least 90 degrees. Dallas, TX, averages 74 days of at least 90 degrees including 16 at or above 100. Phoenix averages 91 days in the 90s, 80 of which are at or above 100.

The Fargo Moorhead average is thirteen 90 degree days a year and the record is 39. The last time it was 100 was in July 2012.