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Weather Talk: Unlikely to break record of days in the 90s

So far this summer, there have been six days in which the temperature has reached at least 90 degrees. The highest was 96 back on June 2.

The average number of days of at least 90 degrees in a year is 13. We had three days in the 90s in early June, so the summer got off to a warm start. But the second half of June was quite cool. Warmer weather has returned recently and the hot weather in the forecast suggests more 90 degree days ahead.

However, the record number of 90 degree days in a year in Fargo Moorhead is 39 set in 1988. Something even close to that is unlikely this summer. By this date in 1988, there had already been 22 days in the 90s including two above 100. The hot days we have experienced so far this summer amount to nothing out of the ordinary. So far, this has just been a nominally warmer than average summer.