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Weather Talk: Warming is for real

Nine of the warmest ten climatological winters (December 1-February 28) of the 136 years of the Fargo record have occurred in the past 35 years.

There is no doubt that our climate is warming and that warming is concentrated in winter. But it is important to note that the winter three years ago, 2013-14, ranks as the 15th coldest winter. This illustrates why people need to stop using the present day, week, month, winter, etc., as evidence to support unscientific opinions about Climate Change.

Earth is warming, but that warming must not be confused with the natural variability that is weather. Furthermore, some of the warming is clearly of natural causes and some of the warming is the responsibility of humans. It is whether or not the human portion of this warming is going to accelerate in coming decades that is the important part of the Climate Change controversy. And it is the work of serious scientists, not the diatribe of armchair political enthusiasts, which will lead us to the truth.