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Weather Talk: Evidence of warming climate is in gradual changes

Our climate is warming, but a warm weekend in February or a couple of mild winters in a row should not be used as evidence.

Consider that just three years ago, in 2014, the latter part of February through early March was ridiculously cold. From Feb. 22 through March 3, the temperature was below zero every morning for 10 consecutive days. Seven of those 10 were at least 10 below. On Feb. 27, the low temperature was 20 below and the high was one below. Two days later, on March 1, the high temperature was 8 below, which remains the record for the coldest daily maximum in Fargo for the month of March.

Short-term weather anomalies are just the weather being naturally variable. The evidence for our warming climate is found in the gradual changes over long periods of time. The weather of today or of the present winter is just weather being variable.