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Wanted: Farm-town hangout submissions

Agweek Country boasts many popular farm-town hangouts. Now, Agweek wants your help to recognize and celebrate them.

If you're involved in Upper Midwest agriculture, you know what we mean: Cafes and bars that are social hubs of their communities and trade areas, sometimes drawing customers from miles in every direction.

Though their menus differ, they offer food and drink. Whether it's scrambled eggs in the morning, burgers and fries at noon, coffee in the afternoon or a beer in the evening, these establishments provide it.

They offer camaraderie and companionship, too. Whether it's catching up on local events, venting daily frustrations or sharing life's satisfactions, these establishments are a place to connect with friends and neighbors.

Many of the hangouts are owned and operated by individuals or families, a few by the local community itself. Some are part of a chain or associated with a cooperative.

There's no one-size-fits-all model. Every farm-town hangout is unique, with its own charm and strengths. Each fills an important social and economic role. Each makes its community a better place to lie and visit. Each brightens the lives of its customers.

If there's a farm-town hangout you think deserves recognition, let us know in an email. Briefly explain why you enjoy it, how it serves its customers and how it strengthens its community. We'd appreciate the name and contact information of an owner or manager, too.

We also want to feature some of the hangouts our website and on social media, and we welcome photo submissions from you. A shot of the building's exterior, with a sign that identifies the business, would be best.

Send your information by Oct. 15 to Jonathan Knutson, My paper mail address is Agweek, Box 6008, Grand Forks, N.D, 58206-6008. Please include a telephone number or email address so I can contact you if there are questions. My telephone number is 701-780-1111 if you have questions; I can answer them by email, as well.

Farm-town hangouts are one of the joys of Agweek Country. With your help, we can tell their stories better.