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Published March 29, 2013, 12:00 AM

Bruce Grubb

One of Fargo Enterprise Director Bruce Grubb’s jobs is to keep things from getting too grubby. He oversees the city’s sanitation and wastewater treatment efforts as well as its water service.

But Grubb doesn’t get a lot of ribbing as a result of the connection between his name and his occupation.

“Kind of surprising, but I have not,” he said.

Of course, with a name like Grubb, he would have also been well-suited to the food industry.

“Normally the last name of Grubb is more associated with cuisine,” he said. “My family and I, we always make a joke. We’ll go out to eat ... and when the hostess comes up we say, ‘Four for Grubb.’”

As director of enterprise, Grubb serves the same basic role that a general manager would have at a company. He says he loves what he does.

“I was instructed in 2000 when I was given this job by former Mayor Bruce Furness to run this like a business,” he said. “Obviously, we’re providing a public service, that’s No. 1 – but to do it as efficiently and economically profitable as we can is a challenge I kind of like.”

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