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Published October 31, 2012, 12:00 AM

Jawbone as a musical instrument?

Jawbone as a musical instrument?

According to Wikipedia: The jawbone is a percussion instrument consisting of the lower jawbone of a donkey, horse or zebra. The jawbone is dried out and the teeth loosened. When struck with the hand, the teeth rattle, producing a powerful buzzing sound. The playing technique involves striking the large end of the jaw with the palm, or a beater is used to strike the teeth or bone and pulled along the teeth, which act as a rasp. These ingredients provide the basis for a wide variety of combinations and rhythms.

In Spanish the jawbone is called quijada. It is one of the main instruments used by Afro-Peruvian musical ensembles and is used in many other Latin American cultures.

The jawbone provided the inspiration for the vibraslap.

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