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Land for Rent in Lee Township, Nelson County Accepting bids for approximately 1,250 tillable acres of farmland near Kloten, ND beginning with the 2015 growing season. The farmland is located within a 5 mile radius. Some details are below: Legal land description: Township 149 Range 58 1 NE ¼ Sec 8 1 NW ¼ Sec 9 1 S ½ Sec 10 1 SW ¼ Sec 11 1 E ½ Sec 12 1 N ½ of NW ¼ Sec 13 1 NE ¼ Sec 15 1 SW ¼ Sec 17 1 E ½ S of RR Sec 17 1 1,247 FSA cropland acres of farmland 1 This total includes 184 acres in section 12 that will come out of CRP 10/1/2014 and will be able to be worked this fall. Landlords will spray these acres with Roundup September 2014. 1 Written bids for lump sum amount need to be postmarked by September 25. No per acre bids will be accepted. All bids will be considered final. 10% of payment will be due once the highest bid is determined with the remaining rent due 3/1/2015. 2-year contract will be available which will be discussed between the renter chosen and the landlords. 1 The landlords do reserve the rights to reject or accept any and all bids. 1 Copies of FSA maps to be provided upon request. 1 60,000 bushels of grain bin storage available for rent at an additional cost. Any questions or inquiries can be made to Jodi (701)265-2409. All written bids should be mailed to: Naas Farms, LLP C/O Shawn Naas 405 11th St Mt. Lake, MN 56159 Each bid must identify the name of the potential renter, address, and phone number for contact information.

Posted: 08/27/2014 | Category: REAL ESTATE/AG STOCK