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Sam Cook


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Visions of summer camps ease the cold

Sam Cook column: I slipped into bed the other night, sliding between cool sheets, waiting for body heat to warm my little cocoon of space. It wouldn’t take long, I knew, but in that brief interlude between cold and comfort, something occurred to me.


On trip up the North Shore, memories make fine mileposts

Sam Cook column: It was a cold February night. I was following my headlights up the North Shore to Grand Marais. As my missile of steel hissed along the two-lane, I realized that I was rolling past half a lifetime’s worth of memories.


Boat show attracts kindred spirits

Sam Cook column: A man approached me at the boat show the other night. I could tell he was my kind of guy by the wool he wore and the weathered look of his face. “I owe you an apology,” he said.


Our stories keep us connected

SAM COOK: Each form of communication has its strengths. A video posted on social media. A conversation over a beer. A phone call from the back woods.


When the Beargrease returns, it's all about the dogs

SAM COOK: The yipping and yowling of 300 huskies will echo at East High School on Sunday afternoon. The resurrected John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon, a celebration of winter in the North, is on.


Sam Cook column: Hang on through the season

We are in the hanging-on time now, just trying to ride through, endure. This is December in the North, with the winter solstice upon us. The final, dark dwindling to the low ebb of our year.

Carcass dumped on roadside tarnishes all who hunt deer

Sam Cook column: I came across the deer carcass in the usual place again this year. Just down the bank along Vermilion Road, well within the city of Duluth.


Family pull stronger than North Shore

SAM COOK: The other night, when the moon was full, a couple I know looked out their picture window and saw the moon shining down on Lake Superior. They are the kind of people who know how to seize a moment, to really immerse themselves in an experience.


Solo prairie hunt suits man just fine

Every year, the pheasant hunter and his yellow Lab go west in early November. Alone.

'Cellphone slows' threaten commute

SAM COOK: It was a routine Wednesday evening drive home. November. Dark. I noticed, as I tried to merge into traffic, that a shiny SUV in the nearest lane was veering toward me into the merge lane. I found that a little strange.