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Roger Wiltz


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Make yourself aware of 'The Armed Citizen'

Before I begin today’s column — about guns — I promise that in the future I will not beat this subject to death. It seems that just about everything in the news today is about guns and the Second Amendment.

WILTZ: Is it possible that both the GF&P report and my opinion were correct

Two weeks ago in this column, I stated that the pheasant count for the SD 2012 season, as reported by the media, was not the truth.

WILTZ: Other than the enjoyment derived, have your guns been a good investment?

My sister-in-law, Joyce, gave me a Barnes & Noble gift card for Christmas.

WILTZ: These points are as sensible as anything I've heard in the media

I wish today’s column could be “’Tis the season to be jolly” and Christmas cookies, but the recent Connecticut tragedy has overcome my yuletide spirit.


WILTZ: New experiences mean new friends

In last week’s column, I described our stay at The Lodge at Chama. Today, I’ll discuss the actual hunt.


WILTZ: Roger, did you see anything unusual during you East River deer hunt?

When it comes to what should be a very ordinary hunt, I’ve had the great fortune over the years to stumble over a number of unusual circumstances.

WILTZ: With what we've been through, an EHD discussion would be appropriate

I’m not Dr. Roger, and I don’t have a degree in animal pathology, but over the years, I have kept my eyes open and my ears to the ground with respect to EHD. I have discovered countless victims, and I feel qualified to make some observations.


WILTZ: A deer hunt with my grandkids - it will be awesome if half my expectations are met

I don’t know how important deer hunts are in the world scheme of things, but if I had to choose a personal most significant deer hunt, I’d have to pick the one that’s about 10 days away, for it will include three of my Wisconsin grandchildren.

WILTZ: Please don't wish me a happy 25th anniversary

I have a 25th anniversary coming up in a few weeks for an event that I wish had never happened. I’m not proud of it, but writing about it today may help me stay on the straight and narrow for another 25 years. At the root of all the things I did wrong that day, we find one of the Seven Capital Sins — Anger.


WILTZ: What will I find come Saturday?

Never before have I stepped into a field on the opening day of pheasant season without knowing what we were going to find bird-wise. This year will be different.

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WILTZ: Dont' forget Preparation H on your next fishing trip

It was Jeff’s week to use the cabin, and seven of us would make the road trip to Pickle Lake, Ontario, where we would fly by float plane to a very comfortable private camp on Lake Kwinigans.


WILTZ: Knowing a little more about heat's effects not all bad

Imagine a hunter who has spent $20,000 for a hunt in Tanzania. The primary quarry is cape buffalo, and our hunter is on the road that first morning just after daybreak.

WILTZ: Part I: Be careful what you wish for!

June 21 through June 28 was spent camping and fishing on our Oahe Reservoir. It was an experience of a lifetime, and for me, ranks right alongside any adventure I’ve been on. I’ll relate our Oahe experiences in the next two columns.

WILTZ: Part II: Into the mouth of the Cheyenne

Last week’s column was the first installment of today’s follow-up Oahe fishing adventure. If you missed it, you will find it on The Daily Republic’s website.

WILTZ: Searching for the world's most perfect hunt location

We don’t get skunked very often, but what happened June 14 gave new meaning to the word. The outing began when I bought minnows at Abby’s in Pickstown. Dick, the proprietor, said fishing was so good anyone with a boat could be a guide. Generally, Dick is quite truthful.

WILTZ: I didn't realize SD waters held so many walleyes!

In late May, I received a letter in personal longhand from Gary Allen, of Allen’s Missouri River Guide Service, in Chamberlain. For many years, I’ve thought about going out on our Missouri River with a professional guide.


WILTZ: Bait buckets require good decisions

I’m going to give you a tiny tip today that might someday make all the difference in a fishing trip. If the color of a lure matters, wouldn’t it follow that the color of live bait, specifically minnows, also makes a difference? Believe me, it does.

WILTZ: Time to put some of our hunting 'correctness' on the shelf

I’ve never hunted in Europe. I’m not saying I ever will, but when I see a story about wild boars or red deer, plus the chance to stay in an old castle and visit ancient cities, I take a hard look. Chances are it might also be a destination Betsy enjoys.

WILTZ: Our reservation system is intolerable

Two weeks ago, I alluded to the perception that our Lake Francis Case walleyes appear to migrate downstream. It seems the quality fishing for the season begins at Crow Creek and moves southward to the Chamberlain area and eventually to Snake Creek, Platte Creek and finally to the North Point area near Pickstown.

WILTZ: Remembering Andy Wayne Klein

I’m quite certain that what I’m about to say is true of institutions and businesses other than schools, but for the moment I’m speaking of schools. My premise is this: The most valuable person in your school system isn’t necessarily the highest paid.