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Pippi Mayfield


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Clipping coupons for schools

It only takes a second to clip and it can earn cash rewards for local schools. Schools are getting more and more involved with programs like Box Tops, Campbell’s Labels for Education and We Care receipts from Central Market.

DL-Online, 02/27/2013

Housing study is OK'd

The Detroit Lakes Development Authority will be participating in a housing study, even though most, if not all, the information in the study will come from the city itself.

DL-Online, 02/27/2013

40 years of Shorewood Pub Cervenka has seen changes over the years

Shirley and Bob Cervenka sold 3.2 beer in the bar, everything in the grocery store and used cars in the parking lot when they purchased Shorewood Pub and Grocery.

DL-Online, 02/27/2013

Parrot Heads celebrate 10 years with some fun

Celebrating 10 years of helping others, members of the Lakes Area Parrot Heads helped themselves to a vacation.

DL-Online, 02/27/2013

Round 2 of superintendent interviews

Wednesday and Thursday nights, members of the Frazee-Vergas School Board sat down with six superintendent candidates, deciding which would be the next to lead the district.

DL-Online, 02/22/2013

Two officers join police department

Among several other changes in the last six months, the Detroit Lakes Police Department has also hired two new police officers.

DL-Online, 02/20/2013

Changes coming for trucking industry

If Gov. Mark Dayton’s proposed budget passes, the trucking industry in Minnesota will be looking at some sizeable changes.

DL-Online, 02/20/2013

Hansen reveals life lessons learned from years as player

In 2010, former Buffalo Bills player Phil Hansen finally got to show his kids what he did for a career for 11 years.

DL-Online, 02/20/2013

Teen constructs igloo

Last week, when school was canceled due to the storm that dumped a foot and a half of snow on Detroit Lakes and the surrounding area, Christian Tigges spent his time building rather than relaxing on the couch.

DL-Online, 02/20/2013

DL Library to host literacy event

Thanks to a grant through Prairie Public and some local ladies interested in literacy, children will have a chance to meet Curious George, have a story read to them and be able to take a free book home with them.

DL-Online, 02/15/2013

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