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Katie Erdman


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Talking It Over: Unfinished lives

I often wonder at what point do we consider our lives complete. Is it at the time of our death, when we reach a specific milestone or when we feel we have nothing left to offer?


Talking It Over: The Christmas Letter

It is that time of year. Time to get your Christmas card lists updated, cards printed and letters written. It is time to watch the mail each day for that once a year correspondence from loved ones and friends. It is time for Christmas letters.


Talking It Over: Conversation starters

There are times when I am with a group of people, or even with just one, that my mind is a total blank as far as conversation goes. I cannot think of a single thing to say, which is rare for me when with friends, but happens often with strangers or mild acquaintances.


Talking it over: Life without instant communication

I often stop and wonder how we ever survived 40-50 years ago without cell phones, email, texting, Facebook and Twitter. How did we keep in touch, up to date and express our thoughts to the world? Well, we managed and I have to say that it may have been more difficult, but it was also more private and personal.


Talking it Over: Keep safety in mind during fall field work

At this time of year we try to encourage everyone, not just those involved in farming, but also the people who share the roads, feed the hungry workers and postpone things as the busy season progresses.


Down on the Farm: Living in a one horse town

The other day I heard someone say something about living in a one horse town. I haven’t heard that expression for a while and it made me wonder where it ever started.


Talking it Over: Chicken coops

Some of you may not even know what a chicken coop is for, but those who grew up on a farm, it was an all too familiar and usually very unpleasant part of the farm yard.


Talking it Over: Corn fields and thistle patches

When I drive through the country, I admire the beautiful weed-free fields. The rows of corn are strong and tall with hardly a weed to be found. This is the result of new technology with the round-up ready seed, fertilizer and chemicals applied.


Talking it Over: Granaries and grain bins

Grain bins and granaries just aren’t what they used to be. Grain storage on farms today is usually in large bins with big leg systems attached to fill them. We didn’t have these huge storage areas on the farm where I grew up. Instead we had corn cribs, granaries and small grain bins.


Talking it Over: The big red barn

Big red barns on farm places are becoming a thing of the past. Along with the barns, the disappearance of the silos that once stood proudly next to them is also taking place. The look of farm sites just doesn’t seem right with out those big barns and silos.


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Talking It Over: Daddys poem

A reader recently brought me the following poem and with Father’s Day coming up this weekend, I thought it was appropriate this week. The author of the poem was not included with the copy I received.

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