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Judy Wiff


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What’s being hungry got to do with eating?

In January a small group in western Wisconsin celebrated the one-year anniversary of a local gathering where everyone may not know your name, but they all understand your struggles.

RiverTown Multimedia, 03/27/2013

Warren Petryk

Warren Petryk is a musician and an entertainer — a communicator who believes he has found his calling in government.

The Republican Eagle, 11/03/2012

Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith thinks there’s too much outside money in politics and the result is elected officials who listen to the wishes of their contributors rather than to the needs of their constituents.

The Republican Eagle, 11/03/2012

Senate hopefuls in Wisconsin eye Kohl's seat

Voters across Wisconsin will go to the polls Tuesday Aug. 14 to choose a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate seat held by Herb Kohl for 24 years.

The Republican Eagle, 08/09/2012

Democrats challenge local assemblymen in Wisconsin

All the Republican incumbents in area Wisconsin Assembly districts will face Democratic challengers this fall, but there will be no local Assembly primaries in August.

The Republican Eagle, 06/07/2012

Teacher takes on Harsdorf

After surviving a recall attempt last summer, Wisconsin Sen. Sheila Harsdorf will face another challenge this fall — again from a high school teacher.

The Republican Eagle, 06/06/2012

Walker stays put

About an hour after the polls closed, major media were declaring that Wisconsin’s Republican Gov. Scott Walker had survived the recall attempt.

The Republican Eagle, 06/05/2012

A fight with food

One night on her way home from work, she stopped for an ice cream and ate it in the car.

The Republican Eagle, 01/20/2012

More candidates filing for Pierce County Board

With just days left before the filing deadline, the number of Pierce County Board districts without declared candidates has dropped to five and races are apparently emerging in three districts.

The Republican Eagle, 01/01/2012

Taking it in stride

ELLSWORTH — Tasha Schuh is writing a book about her life and, although the story is not finished, she has the title: “My Last Step Backwards.”

The Republican Eagle, 10/12/2011

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