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Doug Leier


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Leier: Get out and enjoy spring season early

West Fargo - I’ve always enjoyed the arrival of spring. I’ve lived in a number of towns and areas in just about every corner of North Dakota, and whether it’s Williston, Bottineau, Bismarck or West Fargo, each has its own special draw.


Leier: First wave of light geese spotted in area

West Fargo In case you missed it at the time, when temperatures were sub-zero and the countryside was white, North Dakota’s spring light goose season opened Feb. 15 and continues through May 18.

Leier: Fishing changes worthy of your attention

West Fargo - North Dakota’s fishing regulations are different from any other set of regulations the State Game and Fish Department produces. While they all cover laws, limits and season lengths, the fishing regulations cover a two-year period, while the others are developed annually.

Leier: Game and Fish Dept. to put on deer management meetings

West Fargo For the past decade or so, North Dakota has had around 100,000 active deer hunters, plus or minus a few thousand in any given year. All of us should be interested in the upcoming series of deer management meetings the North Dakota Game and Fish Department has scheduled around the state during the last two weeks of February.

Leier: Now is the time to fish for pike, perch in North Dakota

West Fargo I have always enjoyed my own little internal debates, like would I rather have a 12-ounce hamburger steak for a little less price than an 8-ounce rib eye steak?


Leier: A look back at some of this year's outdoors numbers

West Fargo - My short-term memory is sharp enough to recall that the 2013 winter lasted a little too long for my liking, and unless April cross-country skiing or snowmobiling are a draw, I’d suggest ice anglers had plenty of time from last December through March to give way to spring.


Leier: There's still plenty of hunting left to do

West Fargo - For many hunters, November is a peak and valley, the best of times and the worst of times.


Leier: Hunting accidents can happen, but are often preventable

West Fargo - It’s a safe assumption that few hunters ever leave home thinking, “I just might end up in a hunting accident today.”


Pheasant numbers down across North Dakota as season opener looms

West Fargo I often draw parallels between sports and the outdoors because it sometimes helps to look at situations from different perspectives.

Leier: Halting ANS key in maintaining hunting legacy

West Fargo - For good reason, the North Dakota State Game and Fish Department makes every effort to explain waterfowl hunting rules and regulations that hunters will need to know as they take the field this fall. This includes daily bag limits, species restrictions, season lengths, special zones and hunting hours.


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Leier: Despite warm weather, it's time to think about deer license deadline

West Fargo - Yes, I know it’s late May and for most people it’s the season for fishing, camping, boating and just soaking in the sights, sounds and warmth of spring.


Leier: Minimum length requirement not needed in North Dakota water bodies

West Fargo - When you’re talking fishing, it really doesn’t matter where you’re at. Bait shop, coffee shop, boat landing or campfire, there’s plenty of stories – from forgetting to put the plug in, to a storm brewing up from out of nowhere, to the one that got away.


Leier: Don't forget about ANS problem

West Fargo - You have made your list and are checking it twice – anticipation for fishing is growing faster than your lawn this spring.


Leier: Remember your license to help application process

West Fargo - A new law that requires a North Dakota driver’s license number or state-issued photo identification number for most people to buy a resident hunting or fishing license, went into effect April 1.


Leier: Bighorn sheep fared well over the winter

West Fargo - In terms of sheer hunter interest and popularity, the question of, “How did the deer and pheasants make it through the winter?” is asked more often than, “What’s the latest on the bighorn sheep population?”


Leier: Large walleye restrictions would have little impact

West Fargo - As air temperatures warm up during a North Dakota spring, fishing usually heats up as well. And heading into this spring, most anglers will agree that fishing in North Dakota the past couple of years is as good as it’s ever been. It could get better this year.

Leier: A few changes made to paddlefish season

West Fargo - In my early years with the North Dakota Game and Fish Department, I was a district game warden. Prior to assuming responsibility for a district, new wardens learn different required skills from experienced wardens at stations around the state.


Leier: April a busy time for big-game biologists

West Fargo - Most of us would already assume that April is a busy month for fisheries biologists, as ice-out brings pike spawning, then walleye spawning and initiation of all the other management work that corresponds to open water.


Leier: Nongame species also an important part of outdoors experience

West Fargo - Pheasants, ducks, geese, deer and other game animals get much of the wildlife press in North Dakota, but if publicity was based on numbers alone, the state’s “other” wildlife would capture the headlines more frequently.


Leier: Mid-winter survey is key in many ways

West Fargo - One of the most interesting facets of being an outreach biologist is the variety of work involved.