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Dave Wallis


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VIDEO: Watch as Japanese quail eggs hatch in Fargo classroom

Third-grade students at Washington Elementary School in Fargo gather around an incubator containing 9 Japanese quail eggs and a plastic container that has three live hatched young ones.

INFORUM, 04/04/2013

Portraits: Jenny Sun

Fargo Davies High School senior Jenny Sun started taking piano lessons before she was 6. She started playing the flute about five years later.

INFORUM, 02/19/2012

Portraits: Ben Frericks

“The first time I toured here and saw the rock wall, I knew that was the one thing that I would be doing to keep me active throughout college,” recalls Minnesota State University Moorhead sophomore Ben Frericks.

INFORUM, 01/22/2012

Portraits: Tom Steele

“In the spring there are a lot of people here, but right now there’s nobody here but me,” says Tom Steele, a 39-year employee at Shotwell Floral and Greenhouses in Fargo as he is surrounded by a thousand bright-red poinsettia plants.

INFORUM, 12/04/2011

Portraits: Tanmayi Vaidya

“It’s always nice to show your culture and get to know other cultures, and the Pangea is the greatest way to do that,” says Tanmayi Vaidya.

INFORUM, 11/06/2011

Portraits: Clark Emery and Jet

Jet can’t wait to blast off to his target, but he waits obediently and patiently next to his trainer, Clark Emery, waiting for the signal to go retrieve the training decoy as they practice working together early in the evening as the setting sun casts a golden light across the grounds north of Glyndon, Minn.

INFORUM, 10/09/2011

Portraits: Joel Herman

People stop to look at the cool device that catches their attention on the passenger-side window of Joel Herman’s 1962 Volkswagen Beetle.

INFORUM, 08/15/2011

Portraits: Ari Dosky

“The first time up here I felt uneasy, but I got used to it by the second year,” says Ari Dosky, 15, as he works 30 feet above the stage at Trollwood Performing Arts School in Moorhead during preparations for the 33rd annual musical, which this year will be “The Music Man.”

INFORUM, 07/11/2011

Reuse it, peruse it: Area artists use recycled items for their creations

Local artists were given a challenge to see what they could create with somebody else’s junk. Or, more accurately, someone else’s used materials.

INFORUM, 02/05/2011

Portraits: Florent Lungi

“This is the first time I’ve seen snow,” says Florent Lungi. “We learned about snow at school from pictures and movies,” says the native of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

INFORUM, 12/20/2010

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