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Dave Roepke


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No one injured, chili survives in propane explosion in RV during Bison tailgating

FARGO – It’s not the sort of explosion usually associated with a pot of chili. A group tailgating outside the Fargodome on Saturday morning had a brief scare when an apparently faulty propane stove caused a blast inside an RV.


Valley News Live head: Huebner chose pay cut

FARGO – Responding to The Forum’s story about ex-anchor Robin Huebner’s allegations of gender and age bias in the wake of her resignation Monday, the head of Valley News Live said in a Tuesday newscast that she wasn’t forced out and chose to take a pay cut.

In the round: Newest F-M pizza joints judged by experts

FARGO – Like the crusty edges of a tasty pie, options for local pizzas have been plumping up lately. Though Fargo-Moorhead is in no danger of a local pizza overload, the area has seen at least three spots with a home-owned pizza product open since last May.


Huebner considering age, gender discrimination lawsuit against KVLY

FARGO – Robin Huebner resigned her anchor post Monday at Valley News Live, and the 26-year veteran of local TV newscasts is mulling a lawsuit alleging age and gender discrimination by the station.


Moorhead councilman suggests new approach to smoke shop controversy

Altenburg floats zoning ordinance instead of ban
MOORHEAD – The City Council in August tabled a controversial ban aimed at outlawing the sale of pipes and other items police say are used as drug paraphernalia, delaying the vote for three months.


NDSU official faces no charges

Griffin ousted last week amid audit
FARGO – A Cass County prosecutor has declined to press any criminal charges against Gene Griffin, the North Dakota State University official ousted last week for overcharging the school for his expenses.


350 packets of synthetic pot seized at Moorhead shipping store

MOORHEAD – Police seized 350 packets marked as herbal incense sent to a UPS store in Moorhead last week after a drug-sniffing dog allegedly identified the package as containing an illegal drug.

Suspicious fires in Barnesville area follow Internet threats

Well-known bow hunter has received ‘personal and graphic’ threats from animal rights activists
BARNESVILLE, Minn. – A series of four fires in five days – including a pair of Wednesday morning blazes that destroyed a deck and a barn – has put a rural Clay County family on guard.

Sick of Netflix? Options abound for DVDs, video streaming

Qwikster, the new company Netflix was planning to start to house its pioneering DVD-by-mail business, lived up to its name in a literal way. It caused a stir, and it was gone quickly.


Cass County judge grants diversion land access

Ruling paves way for federal contractors to conduct land tests on private properties
FARGO – With owners of some of the land objecting, a Cass County judge issued two orders Tuesday allowing survey crews access to properties that have to be studied in order for the $1.8 billion diversion project to continue moving forward.

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Roepke: Best of the crest guesses

Fargo - Most of Paul Miller’s co-workers, not to mention a good share of The Forum’s readers and eventually the National Weather Service, expected worse from the Red River this spring. Miller didn’t believe it.


Roepke: Flood fight gives way to sales job

FARGO - Think back to elementary school science class. Recall the water cycle, that perpetual treadmill of evaporation, condensation and infiltration?


Roepke: Spectator’s guide to flood

Grab a clear, safe vantage of Red River
FARGO - Standing on the Main Avenue bridge Friday, near the joint on the west end that makes that whump-whump noise when you drive over it, I was the only guy looking at the cars instead of the river.


Roepke: Come Monday, will we be safe or sorry?

MOORHEAD - Better safe than sorry, right? That’s what Lorraine Hetland has been telling her 86-year-old husband when he’s suggested in recent weeks that the flood on its way might have more bark than height.


Roepke: Thundersnow should cinch weather title

Hmm, wonder what that thundersnow is going to do to the next flood forecast. voters, please read that last sentence again.


Quitting easy, not lighting up again the real test

Quitting smoking isn’t the tough part. Not starting again is the real challenge.


Super Sunday Obama-mania a bit too much

It was when President Barack Obama’s coattails curled around cans of Pepsi that I realized the overkill will soon be in overdrive.


Local DJ is growl behind bad guys in game trailer

As a radio DJ with one of those prototypical, cigarette-cured Wolfman Jack growls, it’s nothing new for Dave Jacobs to find work on the strength of his voice.


REVIEW: AC/DC fully charges audience at Fargodome

The best thing and the worst thing about AC/DC is the same thing: In output, in outlook, in concert, in nearly all matters, the band is an obstinate machine – rock monotheists following a theology of their own creation. No iTunes, no power ballads, no changing.


Return of ‘Lost’ promises more drama, questions

The fifth season of ABC’s sci-fi island drama “Lost,” my favorite still-airing TV show, is six days away from starting, and I’m getting twitchy.