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Brian Basham


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DL firefighters restore historic fire bell

The tolling of the iron bell high atop the fire hall at one time alerted firefighters and citizens of a dangerous fire in Detroit Lakes.

DL-Online, 12/26/2012

The Road Rally returns

After a brief hiatus in 2011 and a successful return in 2012, the Ojibwe Forests Rally is poised to be back to its former glory in 2013.

DL-Online, 12/26/2012

White Earth acts to ban wolf hunting

A new era in Minnesota hunting kicks off Saturday, as the gray wolf hunt starts at sunrise. But some area permit-holders are going to be disappointed.

DL-Online, 10/31/2012

Banking is in her blood

Plain and simple, Cara Frank loves to help others. The Bell State Bank and Trust vice president and branch manager in Detroit Lakes and Audubon said she looks forward to coming into work every day.

DL-Online, 10/26/2012

White Earth Fisheries nets, measures, tags lake sturgeon

A man’s hands often reflect what he does for a living. To see Gerald “Jeep” Roberts’ and Curt Uran’s rough bloody hands, you know their work is not easy.

DL-Online, 10/16/2012

Ojibwe Forests Rally brings fast cars to the north woods

A group of people gathers on a backwoods road in southern Clearwater County. A low rumble can be heard deep in the woods. Suddenly, a vehicle appears on the road, tearing around a corner. The crowd cheers as the car roars by and disappears into a cloud of dust.

DL-Online, 08/29/2012

WE Fest Saturday photo gallery

DL-Online, 08/06/2012

WE Fest photo gallery

DL-Online, 08/04/2012

The loons are OK — so far, but DNR is looking at long-range impact of Gulf oil spill

The April 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill, which released about 4.9 million barrels of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico, had many Minnesota biologists, hunters and bird watchers worrying about the biological impacts that disaster would have on Minnesota’s migratory bird populations.

DL-Online, 05/23/2012

UPDATE: Mock crash at Detroit Lakes High School turns real, six injured in mishap

Detroit Lakes high school students — who had gathered to watch a pre-prom auto accident drill Friday morning — were shocked to see an unmanned fire truck accelerate down the street and plow into a car, injuring two students, an EMS worker and a state trooper.

DL-Online, 05/04/2012

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