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Karen Huber

Karen Huber is the editor of The Pioneer. She lives in West Fargo with her husband, Al.

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Come Home to West Fargo: West Fest celebrates 21st community celebration

“Come Home to West Fargo” has been tapped as the theme of the 21st annual West Fest observance as the community prepares to celebrate later this week.


Cruise Night takes over Sheyenne Street Thursday

The increasingly popular Cruise Night with its record breaking crowds will be back on Sheyenne Street Thursday evening with an array of classic vehicles. This showing will mark he last of a series of four highly successful gatherings this season.

Judy Lee West Fest Parade Grand Marshal

Always one of the high points of West Fest is the Grand Parade, which will get underway at 1 p.m., with longtime West Fargo resident, business person and state senator Judy Lee, leading the parade down Sheyenne St. She will be riding in the front seat of her 1911 Buick Model 21 Touring Car with son Jon Lee in the driver’s seat.  Other special guest passengers will include Judy’s daughter, Maren Matal, and her three children, John, Elizabeth, and Margaret. 


Firefighter’s Ball has new venue

As has been the case for the past several years, the annual Firefighter’s Ball, will be the concluding West Fest activity Saturday evening from 8 p.m. until midnight in a brand new, more convenient location – the Veterans Memorial Arena, located at 1201 7th Ave. E.

Saturday West Fest Activities

Firefighters, LCC pitch in to help

Fire Chief Roy Schatschneider and his firefighters as well as parishioners at Lutheran Church of the Cross will becollecting for excellent causes as they walk the parade route.

Dancers enjoy thrill of New York visit

“It was the trip of a lifetime. We’ve never had so much fun.” These sentiments from Halftime by Sheri owner and instructor Sheri Praska speaking on behalf of the parents and daughters who had the opportunity to participate in a dance convention trip to New York July 11-16 as representatives of the Sparx 5th and 6th Grade Dance Team from Halftime by Sheri dance studio located in West Fargo.


Spaghetti Feed benefit set for Rosalynn Anderson

In her short life, 17-month old Rosalynn Anderson has earned the love and admiration of family and friends and everybody else for that matter who has had the privilege of coming into contact with her.


Eating Well: Banana bars with hint of cinnamon unique taste temptation

Graphic artist/Photographer Carrie Snyder is always so gracious about trying new recipes and sharing the delicious outcome with our staff at the office. Last week she brought in some Banana Bars that were not only delicious but a tad bit unusual with their hint of cinnamon and cloves taste usually reserved for spice cakes.


Big Iron celebrates 32 years as Midwest’s largest farm expo

For the 32nd year running Big Iron, will be invading the Red River Valley Fairgrounds in West Fargo for its annual three-day run Sept. 11, 12 and 13, as the Midwest’s largest agricultural expo.

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An evening to remember well-spent with family, neighbors, friends

Night to Unite was a complete wash out last year due to a ground drenching downpour that would have made it impossible to park near or walk through Elmwood Park.

A real work in progress

Anyone who hasn’t driven down West Fargo’s Veterans Boulevard lately should make it a priority. The amount of building going on is amazing and monumental and not just in little private, spotty sections but all the way along the corridor to 40th Avenue South and beyond.

Caramel apple crisp out of this world good

My favorite sister-in-law is the queen of desserts. Ask her to bring a special dish for a potluck gathering and it will nine times out of ten be one of her signature ‘sweet tooth’ delectables.


Caution still key in ongoing construction zone

For those of you traveling along West Fargo’s Main Avenue some changes were announced Monday regarding the ongoing reconstruction that may be of interest.

One last hurrah for rhubarb

I know my recipe columns have been rhubarb heavy lately, but I have one more excellent one I would like to share with readers as the final wave of rhubarb is harvested from summer gardens.


Local Fair yearly attraction, take it all in

Everybody is always looking for something to do. This week there is plenty going on with the start of the annual Red River Valley Fair Tuesday night at the Fairgrounds continuing through Sunday, July 15.

Eating Well: Hot temperatures inspire cooler drinks

With all the hot, muggy weather, I decided the time was right to sift through my drink recipes and share a few thirst quenching favorites.


Cruise on over to Sheyenne Street for Thursday night main event

If you love old cars or are simply looking for an evening of socializing, fun and excitement, head on over to Sheyenne Street Thursday night for what is becoming one of the most popular summer attractions you’ll find anywhere – West Fargo Cruise Night set for Thursday, July 21, from 5 to 9 p.m


Gathering to honor one of their own

What a totally senseless act beyond comprehension – the fatal shooting of veteran Bismarck police officer Sgt. Steven Kenner while responding to a domestic disturbance call on Friday, July 8.

Blessed Sacrament, Holy Cross merger proposal lacking clarity, details

There is no doubt that the recent Catholic Diocese of Fargo touted proposal to reorganize local parishes, including the merger of West Fargo’s Holy Cross and Blessed Sacrament Catholic Churches, is a hotbed issue that is only going to see tensions continue to escalate and exacerbate before anything is definitively decided.