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Julie Garden-Robinson


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Prairie Fare: Gardening promotes health, connections

The other day, my 15-year-old daughter and I were pruning some decades-old geranium plants. The ancestors of these plants belonged to her great-grandmother, who died before World War II. Although I never knew my grandmother, I feel I have a connection to her through these plants.

INFORUM, 06/14/2013

Prairie Fare: Keep up with milk breaks this summer

“I’ll have chocolate milk,” my 9-year-old daughter said the other night at a restaurant as we celebrated her sister’s birthday and the end of the school year.

INFORUM, 06/07/2013

Prairie Fare: Plan ahead when packing up for a picnic

As a kid, packing for a picnic was the start of an exciting adventure on our way to a state park or lake setting. We loaded the old camp stove and coolers filled with a variety of foods and left early in the morning “before the heat.”

INFORUM, 05/31/2013

Prairie Fare: Son’s graduation prompts food for thought

“They grow up in a blink of an eye,” our friends with grown kids would remark a bit wistfully when we arrived with a stroller carrying our bright-eyed baby boy.

INFORUM, 05/17/2013

Prairie Fare: Grow your own salad

As I wandered around our (finally) snow-free backyard, I had the urge to get my hands dirty. Our three dogs already had accomplished getting their paws muddy in our soggy backyard as they scampered playfully, nipping at each other’s heels. We all needed a little time outdoors to romp in the sunlight.

INFORUM, 05/10/2013

Prairie Fare: Food additives serve unique purposes

“I have been reading the long ingredient lists on food packages. I’d like to consume fewer food additives, so can you send me a list of all of them and what they do?” the person asked me.

INFORUM, 05/03/2013

Freezer meals take heat off daily cooking

In the Midwest, most of us have been looking out our windows at a giant walk-in deep freeze since late fall. I think most would agree that we are ready for the outdoors to go through a “defrost cycle.”

NDSU Extension Service, 04/26/2013

Can you guess the budget-friendly food?

Here are a few hints about a food that could stretch your budget. Do you know what it is?

INFORUM, 04/19/2013

Seven steps to creating a delicious soup

“I made the wild rice soup mix, but I added a few things,” my husband commented one day on our way home. “That sounds good,” I responded.

INFORUM, 04/12/2013

Are artificial sweeteners really that bad?

Every now and then, someone emails me a story that is circulating on the Internet or Facebook. One day, the information was about artificial sweeteners. I happened to have a can of diet soda next to me.

INFORUM, 04/05/2013

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