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Jonathan Knutson


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Mont. seminar will examine CWB changes

The old Canadian Wheat Board is gone, and that means new opportunities and challenges for Montana farmers.

Agweek, 06/10/2014

USDA statistics reflect ag’s importance in the Red River Valley

New numbers from the U.S. Department of Agriculture reaffirm ag’s economic importance in the Red River Valley of eastern North Dakota and western Minnesota.

Agweek, 06/03/2014

NASS releases ag census data for states, counties

The census was conducted by the National Agricultural Statistics Service, an arm of USDA. NASS says the state and county profiles will be followed “by new tools throughout the year to highlight the more than 6 million data points captured in the agriculture census.”

Agweek, 06/02/2014

Potato growers have a new market to tap

U.S. fresh potatoes are now allowed into all of Mexico, and the U.S. potato industry plans to expand its marketing efforts there.

Agweek, 06/02/2014

Crop pests are coming

Here come the bugs and weeds.

Agweek, 06/02/2014

UAVs important issue for aerial ag applicators

Unmanned aerial vehicles could have a big role in agriculture’s future. That both intrigues and concerns aerial ag applicators.

Agweek, 06/02/2014

Good economy benefits aerial ag applicators

Thanks to a rare combination of strong crop prices and generally good yields, the past few years have been kind to most Upper Midwest farmers. Aerial ag applicators have fared well, too.

Agweek, 06/02/2014

Aerial industry basics

States track agricultural aviation in different ways, and comparable statistics aren’t available for North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota and Montana. But officials in the four states provide these numbers:

Agweek, 06/02/2014

Veteran crop sprayer says aerial industry important

It’s early afternoon on a picture-postcard day in late May, a rarity in a wet, drizzly spring. Tim “Toby” McPherson is anxious to climb into his spray plane and take advantage of the perfect conditions.

Agweek, 06/02/2014

Small farms, big roles

The Census of Agriculture shows, for the most part, farms are becoming bigger and fewer. But the census also shows farms still vary in size: Small ones are growing in number and those of modest size continue to play a huge role. Agweek kicks off a series profiling small farms operated by people whose main sources of income are off-farm jobs.

Agweek, 05/19/2014

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