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Jonathan Knutson


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NDSU economist explains rail study and its withdrawal

A North Dakota State University economist who prepared a rail study that was later withdrawn says he stands by the process he used and the numbers he came up with. He also tells Agweek that the issue is complicated and that other methods can be used to analyze it.

Agweek, 09/16/2014

Frost comes early to Upper Midwest fields

Upper Midwest farmers are still assessing damage to their crops from mid-September frosts that hit fields from eastern Minnesota to central Montana.

Agweek, 09/15/2014

Resource on rental rates

Farmers and landlords have a new resource to help them determine farmland rental rates.

Agweek, 09/15/2014

CWB continues its expansion

CWB is building another grain elevator, its third new facility, and is looking for people to work in them.

Agweek, 09/15/2014

Droves of drones at Big Iron

Drones flew above a demonstration field recently in West Fargo, N.D. Someday, drones could be commonplace above Upper Midwest fields and pastures — provided the Federal Aviation Administration releases some long-awaited guidelines.

Agweek, 09/12/2014

Lincoln-Oakes Nursery name, mission, location

The Lincoln-Oakes Nursery is owned by the North Dakota Association of Soil Conservation Districts, which says its mission is promoting “sound and practical soil and water conservation practices” in North Dakota.

Agweek, 09/08/2014

ND nursery copes with declining shelterbelt sales

Brian Johnston wanted a challenge. He got one: Rescuing the faltering Lincoln-Oakes Nursery in Bismarck, which had been “hemorrhaging cash for years” and was close to closing, he says.

Agweek, 09/08/2014

Storms further delay wheat harvest

Farmers are sorting out damage from a string of storms that hit parts of eastern North Dakota and west-central Minnesota on Wednesday and Thursday. Some areas were hit with as much 4 inches, leading to flash flood warnings in several counties. Some reported high winds and hail, too.

Agweek, 09/04/2014

Drones on Big Iron agenda

Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) might be the hottest topic in production agriculture right now, and the annual Big Iron Farm Show will offer both UAS demonstrations and classes.

Agweek, 09/02/2014

A bigger, better Big Iron show

Farm machinery is getting so big and sophisticated that the Big Iron Farm Show is looking at adjusting the doors of an exhibit building to get equipment in and out, the show’s director says.

Agweek, 09/02/2014

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