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Don Kinzler


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Hortiscope: Use wire fence around shrubs

Q: Our two ninebark shrubs have been eaten to the ground this spring by rabbits (we think). Can they be saved?

INFORUM, 06/01/2012

Air Museum event raises $101,000 for addition

FARGO – The Fargo Air Museum’s fifth annual Celebrity Dinner & Auction raised $101,000 for the new Beck Education Wing addition.

INFORUM, 05/27/2012

Hortiscope: New sod should eliminate clover

Q: I’m doing some different landscaping and maintenance jobs in my hometown. I’m wondering about how to get rid of white clover in lawns other than using Roundup. I know Speedzone works, but is there any cultural way to eradicate it, such as lightly tilling and then planting grass seed? Would that work or would the clover grow back quickly?

INFORUM, 05/25/2012

Hortiscope: Cut diseased branches to control canker

Q: We have a 25- to 30-foot spruce tree that has some dead or dying lower branches. At the point where the limbs connect to the trunk, there is considerable white sap oozing out.

INFORUM, 05/18/2012

Hortiscope: Soil sample test can reveal tips for growing

Q: I would like to have my soil tested for recommendations on how to improve it. How do I find you? How much soil should I bring? Also, my pear trees are blooming, but there don’t seem to be any bugs around to help with pollination. What should I do?

INFORUM, 05/11/2012

Hortiscope: Tomatoes are favorites, but also fussy

Q: I have been reading your columns and enjoy them very much. I am wondering if you can help me with a problem that I have been having with my tomato plants for the past four years. I buy them through a reputable garden center in Minot, so I know they are not diseased plants. I am having trouble with them drying up.

INFORUM, 05/04/2012

Hortiscope: Most grasses need sun

Q: We have an area of lawn that doesn’t get a lot of sunlight because of tall trees and a neighbor’s new fence. The grass is dying even though we water and fertilize the area. Some areas have been dead for years along the side of the house. With the new fence put up by our new neighbor, even grass away from the house is dying. Is there a grass that would flourish in really shady areas?

INFORUM, 04/27/2012

Hortiscope: Soil sample may explain stunted tree growth

Q: I have looked forward to reading your column for years and hope you can give me some advice with a problem. We live on a farm southwest of Jamestown. There is a spot in our yard that is an ideal location for a tree to grow. However, every tree that we’ve planted on the site doesn’t die but never grows taller.

INFORUM, 04/20/2012

Hortiscope: Check label on grass-control product first

Q: A couple of years ago, we moved into a home that had a medium-sized flowerbed. The previous owner let it go, so it was full of weeds. We rototilled it and sprayed it with Roundup. We transplanted hostas, cone flowers, tulips and some other perennials. However, the grass has taken over again and we cannot keep up with it.

INFORUM, 04/13/2012

Hortiscope: Roses should recover from pruning mishap

Q: I hired my neighbor’s son to prune my roses. He cut them down to about 12 inches from the ground instead of the branch line. How can I save my beautiful roses? Will the roses grow if I give them fertilizer and water?

INFORUM, 04/06/2012

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