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Stephen J. Lee


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Copper thieves cop pleas in Grand Forks caper

Two men charged with stealing $75,000 or more of copper wire from a Grand Forks business last spring have reached plea deals with prosecutors that include one of them ordered to pay about $75,000 in restitution.

Grand Forks Herald, 01/08/2014

Brossart brothers to plead guilty in 2011 terrorizing case

Rodney Brossart’s three sons have agreed to plead guilty to terrorizing law enforcement officers by brandishing weapons at deputies the day Brossart was arrested in June 2011 in a dispute over a neighbor’s three cows and three calves wandering on to his farm near Lakota, N.D.

Grand Forks Herald, 01/08/2014

Former Park River teacher pleads not guilty in sex case

Justin Kiefer, a former fifth-grade teacher in Park River, N.D., has pleaded not guilty to felony charges alleging he had sex with a 16-year-old girl in November in the Walsh County town.

Grand Forks Herald, 01/08/2014

During arctic blast, heating fuel prices spike with high demand

A large share of the nation has faced below-zero temperatures the past week as the coldest weather in about two decades hit many areas, increasing heating costs to millions and leading to near-shortages of propane and natural gas in some regions.

Grand Forks Herald, 01/07/2014

New Grand Forks district judge officially begins new job

Jon Jensen officially became the newest North Dakota district judge this week in a Grand Forks court room, succeeding Judge Joel Medd who retired Sept. 1 as the longest-serving state district jurist.

Grand Forks Herald, 01/07/2014

Man faces possible life term in Grand Forks assault case

A former Philadelphia man pleaded not guilty Monday to eight felony counts alleging he robbed, terrorized and sexually assaulted two Grand Forks women, including three counts that could put him in prison for life.

Grand Forks Herald, 01/06/2014

Despite precautions, child care center faces abuse allegations against ex-employee

The Grand Forks child care center that hired a man charged last month with sexually assaulting four children at the facility has a good record and did the proper background check before hiring the man, state officials said this week, confirming what the center’s officials said.

Grand Forks Herald, 01/04/2014

Grand Forks police say thieves take $2,600 cognac

Grand Forks police say two men stole four bottles of liquor Sunday from Happy Harry’s Bottle Shop, including a single bottle worth $2,600.

Grand Forks Herald, 01/02/2014

Grand Forks woman’s work in school, churches and community has touched many

Those who know her say Bonnie Cameron has done much for many in Grand Forks and beyond, as a teacher and a preacher who in retirement hasn’t stopped helping out.

Grand Forks Herald, 01/01/2014

Former principal in Warren, Minn., accused of assault

The former principal and athletic director at Warren-Alvarado-Oslo High School in Warren, Minn., appeared in court this week on four felony counts of criminal sexual conduct in Morris, Minn.

Grand Forks Herald, 12/31/2013

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