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Sherri Richards


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Financial Wellness: Don’t let #yolo ruin your financial future

The young professionals downing drinks and nibbling small plates at Fargo’s fine dining establishments always have confounded me.

INFORUM, 03/10/2014

Connecting the connectors: Merged organizations expand efforts into Fargo

FARGO – Pollen is a digital-only network of cross-sector civic-minded connectors in the Twin Cities. OTA is a Sioux Falls, S.D.-based organization that seeks to connect creative community builders through in-person events.

INFORUM, 03/09/2014

Boutique boom: Retail trend offers unique products, personalized service

FARGO – Hollie Nelson worked in occupational therapy. Now, you could say she works in retail therapy.

INFORUM, 03/07/2014

Making a Mark: Bakery owner fills need in community, heart

Amanda Johnson, a California native, and her husband, the Rev. Joe Johnson, moved to Hillsboro in 2011. When the Johnsons interviewed with the church in Hillsboro, residents said the community needed a bakery and coffeehouse. “There was a need in my heart. There was a need in the town. It was really fulfilling to be able to fulfill that need."

INFORUM, 03/06/2014

Session teaches skills for confidence

FARGO – In her 20 years in the corporate world and seven years as a mindset coach and speaker, Teresa Lewis has seen women lack assertiveness, meekly voicing opinions and shrinking themselves into a boardroom chair. Lewis was labeled at one job as not having confidence. It was a label that followed her, she said.

INFORUM, 03/06/2014

What is that ... building going up at Harwood Groves?

FARGO – It’s a question being asked a lot more frequently in Fargo-Moorhead these days, as new construction breaks ground and businesses open at a breakneck rate. What is that?

INFORUM, 03/05/2014

Stand up and work: More businesses incorporating adjustable-height desks

Fargo -- When Joel Thomsen worked for the state of Maine 15 years ago, he wedged cinderblocks under his desk so he could stand while working.

INFORUM, 03/04/2014

Startups at work: Previous entrepreneurial events have lingering impact in Fargo

FARGO – Bill Burgess and Brandon Medenwald say last year’s Startup Weekend here was the shot in the arm their business, Simply Made Apps, needed.

INFORUM, 03/02/2014

Trade Talk: Tropical Smoothie Café to open in Fargo

A food-and-smoothie franchise is expected to open a Fargo location by the end of April.

INFORUM, 02/28/2014

Local economic picture strong, but dependent on more workers

FARGO – A tight labor force and a shortage of trained, experienced workers are the most critical issues facing the local economy, according to panelists at Wednesday’s 2014 Economic Outlook Forum here.

INFORUM, 02/26/2014

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