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Shelley Nelson


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County adopts synthetic drug regulations

It’s no longer legal to consume products labeled “not fit for human consumption” anywhere in Douglas County. And anyone who wishes to sell such products — commonly referred to as synthetic drugs — in Douglas County must have a license to do so.

Superior Telegram, 10/21/2013

Fundraising kicks off for new Fairlawn sign

Decades have passed since the Onaway Club sold in the early 1980s, and proceeds from the sale helped Fairlawn Mansion and Museum get a sign for its front lawn.

Superior Telegram, 10/18/2013

Council opts in for iPads

The Superior City Council is following in the Douglas County Board’s technological footsteps — sort of.

Superior Telegram, 10/18/2013

Plan set for solution to ailing tax district

Superior has a plan to help a financially distressed tax district by banking on a successful one.

Superior Telegram, 10/18/2013

Council seeks measure to silence train horns

The year was 1957 and then Superior City Councilman Corcoran wanted the city’s ordinance prohibiting train whistles at certain intersections to change, according to minutes from May 7, 1957. The long ago Council member wanted horns blown by diesel locomotives added to the local law prohibiting train whistles.

Superior Telegram, 10/18/2013

Council chooses to remove ash trees quickly

Superior’s landscape is going to change over the next seven years as city crews implement a plan to systematically remove ash trees in public rights of way.

Superior Telegram, 10/18/2013

Council choses cost-effective approach to emerald ash borer

Superior’s landscape is going to change over the next seven years as city crews implement a plan to systematically remove ash trees in pubic rights of way.

Superior Telegram, 10/15/2013

Council considers ash tree removal

Superior’s City Council weighs options tonight to deal with the problem presented by emerald ash borer.

Superior Telegram, 10/15/2013

Updated: WHEDA award supports Superior housing project

Superior city officials received welcome news Monday. A long-awaited housing project got the go-ahead from the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Agency. The state agency announced a proposal to build a new 50-unit senior living facility on the southeast corner of Weeks Avenue and North 13th Street would get tax credits needed to help fund the project.

Superior Telegram, 10/14/2013

Jauch retires

Passionate, outspoken, a builder of bipartisan bridges — that’s how people who know Sen. Bob Jauch described the Poplar Democrat this week. After 31 years in the Wisconsin Legislature, Jauch announced Wednesday he won’t seek re-election in 2014.

Superior Telegram, 10/11/2013

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