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Ray Crippen


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Column: All he really needed to know, he learned in Round Lake

WORTHINGTON — Everybody knew Ernie Wellhausen. I think they did. If they did not, they are poorer for that fact. Ernie lived at Ocheyedan. Round Lake.

Worthington Daily Globe, 03/09/2013

Column: Take a deep breath and be happy we've got power

All across the local region there is no question we can delight day by day in quite clean, pure air, even fresh air from the Arctic. There are no smokestacks looming on our horizons.

Worthington Daily Globe, 03/02/2013

Column: Big chickens meant big bucks in the Roaring '20s

WORTHINGTON — The beginning of Holy Week is one month away. Today is Feb. 23. Holy Week begins March 24. This came to mind as I was thinking about the Holy Week Chicken Thieves.

Worthington Daily Globe, 02/23/2013

Column: Miss big snowstorms? Think back to '75

WORTHINGTON — Residents of southwest Minnesota and northwest Iowa do not make light of blizzards, nor do they mock stories from people who are overtaken by blizzards.

Worthington Daily Globe, 02/16/2013

Column: Will spring be here soon? I'm ready for the circus

WORTHINGTON — I am not the Minnesotan I used to be. I remember well when someone would report, “It’s really cold,” and I would think, “Well, I’ve got a good coat, I’ve got a good cap,” and I would plunge into the cold feeling snug — or smug. (This was in a time when I also wore zipper overshoes and a wool scarf around my neck.)

Worthington Daily Globe, 02/09/2013

Marthaler Chevrolet purchases two Worthington automobile dealerships

Kruse Motors, K & S Motors change hands
WORTHINGTON — Kruse Motors and K & S Motors was purchased by the owner of Marthaler Chevrolet, Glenwood, and officially transferred ownership on Friday.

Worthington Daily Globe, 02/05/2013

Column: There's a sale on Worthington's 10th Street!

WORTHINGTON — Macy’s department store in downtown St. Paul — St. Paul’s last downtown department store — has hired a liquidator. Macy’s will be emptied and closed forever by the time a new summer settles over Minnesota.

Worthington Daily Globe, 02/02/2013

Column: Same classic oldies and small-town memories

WORTHINGTON — Do you recognize these lyrics — “… Every night my honey lamb and I sit alone and talk and watch a hawk making lazy circles in the sky …” The words are from “Oklahoma!” the Rodgers-Hammerstein musical that will be 70 years old in March.

Worthington Daily Globe, 01/26/2013

Column: Monument's dedication brought excitement in '25

WORTHINGTON — January. Minnesota. Cold. Indoors. It is a time for playing games. I have a guessing game.

Worthington Daily Globe, 01/19/2013

'Abby' knew Worthington well

WORTHINGTON — The surprising thing was that Pauline Phillips — Dear Abby — knew Worthington, and she knew the Worthington Daily Globe.

Worthington Daily Globe, 01/17/2013

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