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Meredith Holt


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Regional McDonald’s Employee of the Year left abusive situation with help from the YWCA

FARGO - Bonnie Giles knows her regulars by name, face or order. They know the McDonald’s hospitality leader by her smile, her cheery attitude and her signature hair flower. When she’s out running errands, “People just stop me and say, ‘Hey, you’re the friendly lady from McDonald’s on South University!’ ” she says.

INFORUM, 04/12/2014

You betcha: ‘Fargo’ show again puts spotlight on speech traced to Scandinavian roots

FARGO - In 1996, the Coen brothers first exposed the rest of the country to the “Northwoods” accent with their cult classic “Fargo.”

INFORUM, 04/10/2014

Prom-posals: Local high schoolers get creative with their prom invitations

Local high school students are coming up with fun, cute, romantic and all-around creative ways to ask their dates to prom.

INFORUM, 04/07/2014

Holt: Moorhead woman finds passion for running

MOORHEAD - As a senior at Minnesota State University Moorhead, Leslie Wood was taking 21 credits and working two jobs. She didn’t have time to take care of herself.

INFORUM, 04/07/2014

Some women hesitate to hire – or talk about hiring – a housekeeper, but doing so frees up time for family

FARGO – For Jenny Frueh, the decision to hire a housekeeper to clean her family’s home was a matter of time. She wanted to spend her free time with her husband and kids, not scrubbing floors.

INFORUM, 03/22/2014

Lillestol Research participating in cat allergy study

Trial to determine if medication effective in treating symptoms
FARGO – You’d think someone with a cat allergy wouldn’t have a cat in the house. Well, you’d be surprised. Dr. Michael Lillestol, president of Fargo’s Lillestol Research, was.

INFORUM, 03/19/2014

Getting to the point: Acupuncture gives animals relief from ailments

FARGO – Elsa lies quietly in a cushy dog bed in an exam room at Valley Veterinary Hospital here, awaiting her monthly acupuncture treatment. Her small body shakes a little despite the calming effects of soothing sounds and images playing in the background. But she visibly relaxes once Dr. Teckla Webb finishes placing the micro-needles in her back and neck. Her pink tongue rolls out, and she starts panting happily.

INFORUM, 03/16/2014

Fargo woman's book project shares male wisdom

FARGO – “Bacon is my life.” Sounds like something you’d see on a T-shirt, but it’s one of 100 quotes Darcy Simonson is including in her new book project, “Hisdom Wisdom.” But there’s more to Paul Neis’ quip than his professed love of bacon, the Fargo-based writer, artist and entrepreneur explains.

INFORUM, 03/15/2014

Recycled renovation: Fargo homeowner stays true to original aesthetic by mixing modern with vintage

FARGO – Meg Spielman Peldo’s home is lookin’ pretty good for 100. Instead of giving it a complete facelift, the Fargo-based photographer has used her creative mind to find new uses for the old, artfully blending modern with vintage.

INFORUM, 03/15/2014

Helpful Hint: Hang sweaters without creating shoulder bumps

FARGO – I love warm, cozy, sweaters, which is a good thing, because I live in one of the country’s coldest cities. But those warm, cozy sweaters are big, bulky, and a challenge to store.

INFORUM, 03/15/2014

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